Becoming a mother myself has been such a journey. It has guided me through experiencing both a medicated and non-medicated birth, breastfeeding and formula feeding, as well as working through postpartum depression. Motherhood is a continuous learning experience-even for a doula like me!

After having unpleasant experiences with my first two births, I knew my next experience needed to be different. I was able to achieve my healing birth with my third daughter. When she was placed on my chest, a switch went off in me. The empowerment I felt in her birth and the confidence that radiated off me as I cheered, "I did it!",  birthed my next journey. 

my pride & joy

I'm a mother to three beautiful girls and wife to an amazing Husband, Robert. I am originally from Colorado but have been traveling with my husband due to the military. I have a very energetic and compassionate personality that only lifts my passion of supporting mothers and families.

Hi, I'm Cynthia!

I did it!

August 4, 2018

Soon I became known for making postpartum baskets for new moms just to be able to talk about their experiences and hold their newborns. The more mothers I met, the more I knew there was a profession out there for me. My passion for knowledge and mothers continued to grow. After a lot of research, I attended my first doula workshop and first birth. I remember texting my husband after saying, "I was born to do this". I had finally found what was burning in my heart for so long. My youngest daughter had opened my heart and I knew I could touch other families through her. This is why my business is named after her.

Currently I am expanding my knowledge by studying to become a Hypno-Doula and soon a Hypnobabies Instructor. I am also studying to become a Lactation Consultant. My hope is, by expanding my knowledge, I can better support mothers and families everywhere. 

The greatest thing about being a birth worker, is watching women become empowered.